Without a doubt Mexico was not the same after the Spanish colonization, this was quite noticeable in the really traditional Mexican food, we’re going to present some of the most delicious and strange dishes that had the prehispanic Mexican cuisine, that no matter what, you have to try at least once in your life.

Chapulines (crickets)

One of the most traditional dishes of Mexico and one of the few still alive in the so common Mexican culture, in many parts of the country you can find people selling this delicious dish in plastic bags as if they were peanuts, are quite tasty, but is not for everyone, as it can cause a great impression on more than one by their appearance.


Insects much like ants, which are incredibly difficult to catch as only come once a year with the first rains, they are considered a delicacy in prehispanic dishes from Mexico, and demonstrates this with its price, it can reach up to 50 dollars per kilo.

This dish can be enjoyed raw with chili and lemon, or roasted as a taco.


One of the most interesting changes in Mexican food is the cocoa, was consumed by Mexican whit chili (yes, put chili in everything is a mexican thing), it was a drink that only was consumed by the most powerful of Mexico.

The beverage containing the following ingredients:

  • Toasted corn
  • Chile
  • Chocolat (or xocolātl in Nahuatl)
  • Achiote
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Water or milk


Not surprisingly, Mexicans like to consume corn, either in Mexican dishes like the Tamale, “Atole” and to the very mexican “tortilla”, but the worms that feed on the corn, called “Cinocuili” or “Cuile”, you can eat this by simply roast them and put it in tacos.

If you want to know more about traditional Mexican food we recommend buying our book “Mexican Cuisine” in Both Spanish and English.



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